Testimonial From a Thankful User and Inventor’s Reply


On Nov 17, 2016, at 9:22 AM, Edward Knutson wrote:

Hope I figured out how to send a review. I purchased 3 of the pyramids recently. I gave one to a brother who had fallen and almost broke the bridge of his nose. His sinus cavity was really swollen and gave him a very stuffed head. He laid down, placed the pyramid on his forehead, and in a half hour it cleared the stuffed head. It was amazing. I use it for sore joints and takes away the pain in a short time. Just amazing!



The Inventor’s Reply

This is GREAT. Perfect. Exactly what we can use to help improve people’s health and serve people in pain.

This technology is really VERY SIMPLE. We are trying to teach the world how it works.

The instrument simply directs negatively charged electrons through a 528Hz/nm resonating matrix. The instrument also provides elemental resonance by sending the energy through natural gemstones. The force of energy moves from peak to base and into the body. The smallest pyramids use a powerful 13,000 Gauss magnetic field, amplified by the copper coil. So a lot of negatively charged electrons move into the swollen, inflamed, red, and painful places, and alkalize the tissues. The conversion of acids to bases in chemistry prompts the pain relief and more rapid healing.

In addition, the 528Hz/nm programmed crystalline matrix “phase locks” with users “heart-felt loving intention” to be free from pain and back to health. That is, your heart, positive thoughts, will-power, and beneficial focus and intention adds positive energy to the therapeutic instrument and healing system.

So if you want to achieve maximum benefits using the “528 Auto Energizer” you can place the palm of your free hand above the peak of the pyramid, and direct your own “Holy Spirit Power” of love-light through your body and hand(s) with every breath. The instrument will magnify your own healing power.

528 Auto Energizers can also be used to help train people to direct their spiritual-healing energy, thereby helping themselves and others prompt natural healing.

This is GREAT NEWS. We know it works! Your experience is similar to what we are hearing from people worldwide. That is why we are so excited about selling and explaining this simple yet powerful technology. Call it “therapeutic art” or simply a “healing paperweight.” 528 Auto Energizers are instruments that should be in everyone’s home, office, and vehicle to prompt pain relief.

Thanks again for your great testimonial. We’ll let you know when the larger sizes become available again.


Dr. Leonard Horowitz


528 Auto Energizers Line

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