iRife Electrodes

You have probably heard about “Rife Machines” and “Zappers” that electrically send frequencies of energy into your body to help heal diseases.

Rife technologies have been generally suppressed, historically outlawed, and largely discredited by a biased media, along with claims that such energy devices can actually help people.

This restrictive anti-natural healing policy (fundamentally a Sherman Anti-trust Act violation favoring Big Pharma (i.e., the “Medical Mafia”), must be rejected based on advancing science. Well-informed freedom-loving people increasingly understand that biology depends on energy, such as sunlight, even spirituality, fundamentally frequencies of electro-magnetic and bioacoustic resonance, especially the “good vibration” of 528Hz associated with LOVE—the “Universal Healer.”


You may also know about ORGONE GENERATORS used to transmit subtle healing energy with noticeable benefits, such as pain relief.

Put these technologies together, that is, a Rife Machine or “Zapper” that uses standard banana clips to connect to electrodes, and an ORGONE GENERATOR, and you get the idea behind these “iRife BioAcoustic Handheld Electrodes” and the online frequency generator.

528 iRife Bio-Acoustic Electrode Set

Above you can see a set of two 528 iRife Orgone- Generating BioAcoustic Handheld Electrodes that you can connect to any Rife Machine or “Zapper” that uses standard banana plugs, AND/OR NOW to any computer with Internet access and a standard (1/8 inch) headphone jack.

In fact, with these exclusive “iRife Electrodes,” you can gain both electromagnetic and bioacoustic resonances at the same time using your computer and separate energy generator.

Most importantly and uniquely, the energy generated by this IRife electrode set picks up and transmits the natural electro-resonances of hundreds of gemstones embedded in a crystalline matrix of natural (hypo-allergenic vegetable) resin processed to add the frequency of “LOVE/528Hz” bio-energy to your body for advanced healing.

The iRife BioAcoustic Hand Electrodes includes:

  • Female banana plugs for fast electrical connections;
  • A set of ear buds and plugs for fast and easy acoustic (headphone) connections;
  • Copper coils to enhance electrical conductivity and healing energy;
  • Powerful magnets (south pole input side, north pole base) to direct healing acoustic and electromagnetic frequencies into the palms of your hands with greater field strength;
  • Quarts crystal and natural gemstones for generating a spectrum of natural mineral energies;
  • The pure highest quality natural resin (not fiberglass) cured especially to resonate the 528Hz frequency for optimal healing;
  • Solid resin design resists breakage, unlike glass electrodes that often break;
  • A convenient tote bag to store and carry your electrodes safely.

iRife Electrode BioAcoustic Online Applications

droppedImageScience has determined that sound energy, measured in Hertz frequencies (i.e., cycles per second), underlies light and electromagnetic power. By connecting your computer to, you can use your headphone jack to send any frequency, within the full spectrum of frequencies (from 1-to-22,000Hz), into the acoustic chamber of your iRife hand electrode to gain therapeutic doses of energies for low-cost risk-free healing.

Products, Costs, and Ordering

528 Healing Hands Electrode Set (2)

Set of 2 Rife Machine Accessory. Only $ 186