528 Aqua-Energisers



“Tesla-charge” Your Aquarium with-528 Electro-magnetics to “Bio-immunize” & Protect Your Investment!

Fish and plants grow best in water that contains large amounts of dissolved oxygen, low heavy metals, optimal pH, and cool temperatures.
Only one technology deals with all four of these risk-factors simultaneously: 528 AQUA-ENERGISERS.

These four risks for disease and death of aquatic life are all reduced by the electro-magnetic actions of 528 AQUA-ENERGISERS, helping your fish and water plants’ grow strong and healthy.

It is well known that only the greenish-yellow chlorophyll pigment in plants forms oxygen from carbon dioxide.

What is not widely known is that this greenish-yellow light (measured in nanometers (nm) of “photons”) excites magnesium in chlorophyll and oxygen* in water to carry this special 528nm/528Hz energy at the heart of rainbows and sunshine, energetically boosting immunity in plants and animals for better health and sustainability.

In nature, chlorophyll acts to reflect and transmit this “LOVE/528” frequency of energy to electrons in oxygen.

528 AQUA-ENERGISERS do the same thing using electro-magnetism and 528nm/Hz resonating crystals, not costly electricity or heat-generating light-bulbs.


528 Aqua-Energisers Generate More Dissolved Oxygen

Wildlife requires oxygen for growth, development, and healthy metabolism. Once dissolved oxygen is used-up or depleted, plant and animal life is limited. (CLICK HERE to learn more on this topic.)

528 AQUA-ENERGISERS churn surrounding water safely, electromagnetically, adding greenish-yellow negatively-charged electrons to water to generate more dissolved oxygen and reduce acids.

Dissolved oxygen (DO) is among the most important water quality factors for fish farms and aqua-cultures. Water (H20) holds on to oxygen tightly, and fish and other aquatic organisms can’t remove elemental oxygen they depend on for respiration. Only DO, the free oxygen dissolved in water, becomes available to fish through their gills or across their skin.

Water temperature, water movement, and plant growth, influences DO in natural aqua-systems. Temperature has a great influence on the amount of DO. Warmer water, generated by light bulbs, for example, contains less oxygen than colder water.

528 AQUA-ENERGISERS work without radiating heat since it does not use electricity. Instead, natural chemical reactions and water movement happens due to magnetic and scalar energies impacting electrons striking oxygen and producing more DO.

[Note: Be careful not to over-populate your system because increased numbers of organisms using oxygen reduce the DO present.]

Generally, dissolved oxygen levels in aquatic habitats must be greater than 6.5 mg/l for fish and aquatic organisms to survive.

528 Aqua-Energisers Generate More Alkalinity

pH is another critical factor in aquatic habitats. “pH” stands for “parts hydrogen” or “power of hydrogen.” From sunlight and water, hydrogen generates power by giving off its energy electrons needed for life, metabolism, and physiology. The chemical equation for water is:

H+ + OH- = H2O

The H+ is acidic. The OH- is basic or alkaline. The negatively charged symbol (-) on the oxygen designates the “hydroxyl radical” (OH-), and that electron energy is the source of all energy sustaining life.

The more DO in the system, the more negatively-charged hydroxyl radicals will be in the system, and the pH will remain more alkaline, free of disease-causing acid.

pH varies in aquatic systems from highly acid (less than 5 pH), to highly alkaline (greater than 9 pH). Neutral pH is 7.0. But tap water is typically slightly acid, and rain water is even more acid due to “acid rain.”

528 AQUA-ENERGISERS lower acid and produces greater-alkaline water electromagnetically, as well as “photonically”–energetically generating:
1)greenish-yellow photons of light that strike and repel water molecules to better circulate the water and increase dissolved oxygen, and
2)negatively charged hydroxyl radicals to buffer the aquarium or aqua-culture system.

Like chlorophyll, this technology is designed to charge oxygen with electrons spinning with the greenish-yellow energy of chlorophyll, namely 528nm of light, as well as 528Hz frequency of inaudible sound.

The 528Hz frequency of sound is stored like magnetic memory in the crystalline structure of 528 AQUA-ENERGISERS that continuously radiates this “LOVE/528” energy, charging adjacent electrons in water, and circulating this resonance throughout the aquatic system. The impact is increased by the triangulated geometry of each unit.

Best of all, this “Tesla-charging” technology uses free energy from the forces of nature (gravitational, hydro-chemical, and electromagnetic), costs nothing to run, doesn’t heat-up the water, and actually helps purify and even “structure” the water to be most beneficial to plant and animal life.

[For more background on the chemistry of photosynthesis, relevant to the design of this technology, CLICK HERE.]


528 Pyramid Orgone Generators

528 Aqua-Energisers Protect Against Magnetic Metals

528 AQUA-ENERGISERS help protect against disease and death of fish and plants from the “double whammy” of acid pH and high metal concentrations in your water.

In more acidic water, naturally occurring metals dissolve in the water and can kill aquatic life with this “double whammy” combination of acid attack and metal poisoning. A fish that could tolerate water with a pH less than 5 will die at a pH of 5.5 if the water contains as little as 1.0 parts per million (ppm) of iron.

[Note: One ppm is equivalent to a drop of chocolate in 16 gallons of milk. This is also the amount of fluoride put into municipal water supplies.]

Biologists call these relationships synergism–where two substances combine to have effects much worse than just their sum. Water with low pH (less than 6.0) coming in contact with naturally occurring low concentrations of iron, lead, aluminum, magnesium or mercury creates a toxic cocktail.

528 AQUA-ENERGISERS pull magnetic metals from the water to reduce dissolved iron, cobalt, nickel, and steel toxins, helping to insure healthy fish and plants.

Developed by a Leading Doctor, Researcher, & Author

droppedImage528 AQUA-ENERGISERS was designed by a world-leading Harvard-trained naturopathic doctor, bio-energy researcher, and consumer health activist, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, who wrote seventeen (17) books, including LOVE: The Real da Vinci CODE, and The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE.
Dr. Horowitz and his team of mathematicians and biophysicists conclude that 528nm of light, and 528Hz frequency of sound, both dominant in chlorophyll’s oxygenating activity, is the most healing and sustaining energy on earth. He theorizes this “core creative frequency” central to sunshine, rainbows, and chlorophyll is the same energy of LOVE in people’s hearts. LOVE is considered the “Universal Healer.”

Tesla-Charge Your Car with 528 Bio-Energy Technology to Reduce Anxiety, Aches & Pains.

Each 528 AQUA-ENERGISERS includes:

  • “Therapeutic Art” for your aquarium
  • Powerful magnet (south pole peak, north pole base);
  • Copper Coil to increase energy flow;
  • Quarts crystal and natural gemstones for generating natural energies;
  • High quality pure natural resin matrix cured with light and sound to store and transmit 528Hz/528nm frequencies for optimal biological function;
  • Colorful “Perfect Circle of Sound™” amulet window sticker to install on aquarium glass to complement the “immunizing” system.

How the 528 AQUA-ENERGISERS Works

As the above photo shows, a number of design features enhance the energy-generating power of this equipment.

The STRONG (13,000 gauss) central magnet is positioned “North” facing down so that when you place these “Tesla-chargers” in your aquatic system, it:

1.Broadcasts the greenish-yellow color of chlorophyll, and fills the water with 528nm/Hz frequencies determined to be the most healing and sustaining forces in nature.

2.Sends negatively-charged electrons via electro-magnetics into your water to neutralize acid and positively-charged radicals to help oxygenate the aquarium or aquaculture.

3.Provides “Therapeutic Art” to enhance the health and beauty of your system.

4.Radiates “LOVE/528” energy*** to help “immunize” your system against biochemical and bioelectic risks.

BOTTOM VIEW OF A 528 AQUA-ENERGISERS showing the COPPER COIL DESIGN that spirals up to surround the quartz crystal and directs increased electromagnetic energy down through the bottom of the appliance.

Bottom of Pyramid Orgone Genera











ADDED BONUS: 528 AQUA-ENERGISERS can also be used therapeutically. Place the base on a painful spot for several minutes to feel the pain lessen and often completely disappear. This happens due to the electro-magnetic radiation forcing negatively-charged electrons through the tissues to buffer the acid.

Larger 528 Orgone Generator Pyramids are also available for home and workplace applications; for filling your room or office with this healing vibration and positive loving energy of nature.

orgone generator

Products, Costs, and Ordering

528 Aquarium Energisers Line

Small (1.5” wide x 1.5” tall). Only $ 69.00

Medium (3” wide x 3” tall). Only .$ 249.10

Large (5” wide x 5” tall). Only $ 348.90

* Oxygen is paramagnetic, thus is attracted to the strong magnet at the heart of 528 Auto Energisers where it absorbs the greenish-yellow 528nm/Hz frequency as prompted by photons of light that spin the oxygen’s electrons.

** The diamagnetic property of water is repelled by the electromagnetic field, naturally churning the water that is also being oxygenated at the same time by the “Tesla-charged” technology that uses photons of light (528nm) and 528Hz resonating crystals of sound (i.e., scalar broadcast) amplified by a copper coil to “immunize” the water, “structure” it with the “frequency of LOVE528 produced by chlorophyll that is absorbed by the paramagnetic free electrons spinning in oxygen, and “blessed” by nature’s most healing, sustaining, and emotionally-uplifting free energy.

***The 528 vibration is the third note–the “MIracle frequency–of the original Solfeggio musical scale (i.e., the “MI” note). This pure tone was used in every religion, as well as by aboriginal (i.e., native) holy persons, with prayer and chants.