528 Spa Kit for Hydro-Therapy


CALM YOUR NERVES . . . RELIEVE “RECESSION DEPRESSION” with the 528 Spa Kit Great for Hydro-Therapy and Pain Relief


Turn Your Bathtub into a Healing 528 Spa

If you are stressed, distressed, tired, or sick, the 528 Spa Kit is for you. After a hard day’s work, or troubling battle with illness, every day you can gain relief. Here’s the great news. . . .

Now you can turn your bathtub into a healing spa and enjoy pleasant and inexpensive relief from sickening and depressing distress. The 528 Spa Kit also works in showers too, but baths are better. You can gain the optimal relaxing and rejuvenating experience in your own home with your new 528 SPA package for healing hydro-therapy.

This wonderful healing package was developed by world-leading, Harvard-trained, consumer-health activist, naturopathic doctor, bio-energy researcher, and award-winning filmmaker, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.

528 HYDRO-THERAPY SPA KIT delivers the materials and methods you need to resonate your bathwater with more negatively-charged healing and rejuvenating electrons, vibrating with the energy of “LOVE/528.” That is the “good vibration” of chlorophyll that converts acidifying, distressing, and dis-easing carbon dioxide to oxygen in plants for easier, deeper, more healing breathing.

This innovative technology converts bathing into advanced rejuvenating, helping you relax and stay young.

Forget about the economic recession, and pandemic depression. The kit includes:

  1. A 528 Resonating Pyramid to use on your aches and pains to deliver more oxygen and alkalizing electrons through your skin. The “528LOVE Electrons” travel deep within your muscles, nerves, and “crystallized” connective tissues holding unwanted stress, strains, and pains;
  2. A 528 Tuning Fork to “bless your bathwater with the “Holy Spirit Power of ‘LOVE/528”–the most healing and relaxing energy you can put into anything! (You don’t need to be religious to enjoy this, but actually this is the loving energy that God puts into everything;
  3. A 528 Rubber Tuning Fork Stand to safely hold and activate your 528Hz Tuning Fork;
  4. A 528 Essential Oil/SeaSalt/Mineral/Chlorophyll Blend (8 ounce canister, enough for eight baths) containing crystals resonated with the sound and light of “LOVE/528.” Boost the power of your hydro-therapy experience by adding six teaspoons of this blend to one cup of inexpensive epsom salt you can buy at any pharmacy or most grocery stores;
  5. A 528 “Perfect Circle of Sound” Amulet/Sticker that fills your bathroom with the good vibrations of love and gratefulness that you can stick on your mirror or window also as a reminder to think positively, faithfully, and prayerfully;
  6. A 528 SPA Instruction Booklet along with Dr. Horowitz’s best-selling book, Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scriptures, Natural Medicine & Modern Science, that gives you all the information you need to reduce aches, pains, depression, and fatigue, and stay healthier, younger, and stronger.


Dr. Horowitz’s Novel Invention: The “528 Pyramid”

Below is an image of the first prototype developed by Dr. Horowitz, as heralded by Popular Mechanics magazine (Sept. 2016). This photo shows the general design of the 528 AUTO ENERGIZER Pyramid that not only delivers 528 resonating electrons into your body, but also is an ideal instrument used to develop your “hands on healing” power, as explained more below.
528 Pyramid Orgone Generators

This 528 Bio-Energy Technology Reduces Anxiety, Aches & Pains.

528 AUTO ENERGIZERS includes:

  • This is “Therapeutic Art” for your bathroom.
  • At the heart of your “LOVE/528” Pyramid is a powerful 13,000 Gauss Magnet. (No batteries are ever needed,) The powerful magnet south pole points to the peak, north pole base to the base. From South to North is the direction in which LOVE/528 Electrons flow. These negatively charged electrons neutralize acid, help oxygenate painful joints and muscles, and relieves soreness, pain, and possibly more ailments.
  • A Copper “Tesla Coil” surrounds the magnet to increase the magnetic field and energy output of the instrument;
  • Quartz Crystal and natural gemstones for generating natural healing energies coming out of the gems. These are made from minerals that your body needs to be healthy. The wonderful thing is, the energy moving through and around these stones deliver the “mineral signatures” through the energy field and flowing resonating electrons. This helps your body heal and stay healthy;
  • The High Quality Pure Natural Resin matrix is cured with laser light and sound to retain and transmit 528Hz/528nm frequencies for optimal calming and healing;
  • A Colorful “Perfect Circle of Sound™” amulet sticker for your bathroom window or mirror emits healing signals that fill the room with “good vibrations.”

How 528 AUTO ENERGIZERS Work to Help Relieve Pain

As the above photo and explanation reveals, a number of design features enhance the energy generating and healing power of these wonderful instruments.

The STRONG central magnet is positioned, as mentioned, “North” facing down so that when you place these “Tesla-chargers” on to your skin, it:

  1. Transmits the greenish-yellow color of chlorophyll, and fills the air with 528nm/Hz frequencies determined to be the most relaxing, rejuvenating, emotionally-uplifting, and physically-sustaining frequency in nature;
  2. Pushes body acid out of painful muscles and joints to relieve aches and pains without drugs and harmful side effects;
  3. Sends negatively-charged electro-magnetic energy into the bathroom air to neutralize positively-charged dust and germs to help oxygenate and energize the “spa.”
  4. Enhances the look of your bathroom with “Therapeutic Art” that makes you feel good when you see it, while bathing or otherwise using the facility. It reminds you to relax, breathe deep, and be thankful for your health and safety.


How to Use 528 Auto Energizers in Healing



To use therapeutically, place 528 AUTO ENERGIZER Pyramid base-down on a painful spot for several minutes to feel your pain lessen and often completely disappear. (The 528 vibration is, after all, the “MIracle frequency” of the original Solfeggio musical scale. It was used with prayer and chanting in every religion for millennia, as well as by native spiritual leaders and healers.)

A terrific way to amplify the healing energy moving through the 528 AUTO ENERGIZER Pyramid is to place your dominant hand on top of the Pyramid above the beautiful crystal. Then take a deep breathe, close your eyes, relax, and lovingly intend to send healing energy through the palm of your hand down through the top of the Pyramid to relieve any pain or illness. Your “Holy Spirit Power” that is Divine Energy will be magnified by: (1) Your heart; (2) Faithful prayer; (3) Positive loving intention to heal and be helpful; and (3) The 528 AUTO ENERGIZER’s 528-crystal matrix and powerful magnet.

The purity of your faithful loving intention in focused prayer can be exercised, further developed and strengthened using this instrument.

Used this way, 528 AUTO ENERGIZERs can help train you to develop your own “hands-on-healing” skill. Slowly but surely, your own power builds to amplify your skill in sending healing energy into a painful place in your body, or someone else’s body.

Add deep breathing and visualizations. Imagine healing white light flowing down through the top of your head, and down through your arms and palms; down through the Pyramid and into the area needing help.


orgone generator

Products, Costs, and Ordering

528 Auto Energizers Line

These wonderful products in the 528 HYDRO-THERAPY SPA KIT, can be purchased separately, or all together at a discount.


528 AUTO ENERGIZER Pyramids (2” diameter).
Only $ 69.00

Only $ 26.00

528-tuning-fork-stand-and-striker528 TUNING FORK STAND & STRIKER.
Only $ 10.00


528 “PERFECT CIRCLE OF SOUND” Amulet/Sticker that fills your bathroom with the good vibrations of love and gratefulness. Only $3.62. CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW.

528 SPA INSTRUCTION BOOKLET comes with Dr. Horowitz’s national best-seller, Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scriptures, Natural Medicine & Modern Science, regularly $22.85, comes free when you purchase the kit.



528 SPA KIT for hydro-therapy (contains each one of the above products in this special package): Regularly $155.47. Yours for only $129. You SAVE $26.47 with this package.